Fresher’s Week!

Hi hi!


So, fresher’s week has come to a close and lectures have begun… students all around are recovering from the lack of sleep and the unavoidable fresher’s flu!


This year, as I am now a second year student, I had the opportunity to be an Aston Auntie! We are a big team of 200 second, placement or final year students who help the freshers move in to their flats and settle in, check if everyone’s okay and help everyone make friends! We’re also there to ensure that everyone has a fresher’s week they won’t want to forget!




The hoard of blue-shirted aunties (including me!) around fresher’s week are the Welfare Aunties (and we’re the best!). We make sure you’re all okay and get home safely! We also do door knocks on all the accommodation flats to see if everyone’s settling in well and answering questions or having a chat. Other aunties roaming around are General (green: help with everything!), Promo (purple: seshing, making friends, getting you to come to the events!) and Student Activities (red: clubs and societies).


So, to recap on this year’s AWESOME fresher’s week… I did aim to post during the week, but there was literally no time to even make dinner… so pizza was a recurrence!


     Moving-In Weekend: Moving in, with the Saturday Welcome Party and Sunday Beach Party

Aunties armed with big trolleys and huge muscles (well, some of us…) arrived with a friendly face to help fresher’s unload their cars, get their accommodation keys/cards and unpack their stuff into their very own uni room. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to help out, but from what I heard, the days were manic! The parties were also renowned too, giving the fresher’s their first taste of university life and freedom!

     Monday: Carnival Bar Crawl

B4 Bar, Walkabout, O Bar, Players and Risa! Some of the big names on Broad Street all in one night. MASSIVE turnout of 1750 (I think) students, who all had an amazing time! Risa was packed by the end of the night, with the queue curling all the way round the corner of the street at one point because of the sheer number of people!

     Tuesday: UV Mardi Gras Party

UV Paint, glow sticks and a black light made this party the highlight for me – even though I was on sober duty (helping people back home safely). Everyone had a great time – and went full out with their paint!

     Wednesday: Sports Fest!

Sports clubs went mad, donning their sports gear and partying with club members til the early hours.

     Thursday: Masquerade Ball and Naughty Boy @ The Institute

Everyone got dressed up for this dress-to-impress event held at the Institute in Digbeth. As a music venue, it gives a bit of a different experience to the previous clubs and bars on Monday’s bar crawl which I thought was a great chance to see different venues available in Birmingham.

     Friday: Fancy Dress Fiesta

Ministry of Sound DJs came to our union hall to make this one event not to miss!

     Saturday: POUNDED!

Pounded is a union event which started last year, and has quickly become incredibly popular with everyone. With £1 and £2 drinks, you can’t go wrong!

     Sunday: Fresher’s Fair!

Fresher’s fair is THE place to load yourself up on free pens, bottle openers, t-shirts, pizza slices, and sign up to some awesome clubs and societies. All the clubs and societies will have a stall so you can go and talk to committee members and join or find some information about them – and for some you can get some free sweets! There are loads of new things on offer for you to get involved in, and even things you may have already done before. A sample of the weird and wonderful clubs/societies Aston has to offer are:

  • Tea Society
  • Aston Radio Station (AUX)
  • Aston Snow
  • RAG (Raise and Give)
  • Extreme BBQ
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Gaelic Football
  • Kayaking
  • Pool and Snooker
  • Aston Go!

These are just a few! The first four I am getting involved with this year, and Aston Snow is something I’m really looking forward to! With this, I’ll get the chance to do skiing or snowboarding which I’ve never done before, so I’m hoping it’ll be amazing! Here is a partial list – I think it still needs to be updated as a few I know of are missing… but nonetheless, this will give you an insight to what is on offer!



During the day there were other events going on in the MLK (Martin Luther King Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Centre) such as mask-making, Indian head massage, crafts, and other things too. The alternative fresher’s events (non-alcohol events) were held here too. There was an acoustic evening, a movie night, and other great activities too – so there really is something for everyone to get involved in.

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If you haven’t signed up to any clubs or societies yet, or missed fresher’s fair, drop Owain (VPSA – Vice President of Student Activities) an email and you’ll get sorted! I really recommend joining as many societies as you think you can handle as you get to meet so many new friends and get to do some amazing things, so you’ll really miss out if not!


That’s all for now, enjoy your first week of lectures 🙂