Summer of Study

A Level results day has now been and gone; students who have just finished sixth form or college up and down the country are making their final arrangements to secure their place at university, get accommodation if needs be, and get over all the emotion and nerves of getting results.

A very belated good luck, and congratulations are in order as well to everyone!


Clearing 2014

Whether you exceeded your expectations and got into your firm choice university, accepted your insurance choice, found a university through clearing or giving final year another go, a very well done for coping throughout this hectic time! It is very emotional for everyone involved, because it is such a big milestone in your life.

I had the chance to help out this year for a few days for the clearing help that Aston offers, where I got to meet a lot of new people with all kinds of stories, coming to Aston to see if this was the university for them. Unfortunately, not everyone I met was offered a place through clearing as there were so many applications, but we as a university were able to advise them of what their options could be. For some, resitting their final year of college or sixth form was the best route, but for others, looking for a different university to apply to was a possibility as well. No matter what the situation though – there’s always someone to speak to, to discuss your situation with and to help you decide what to do.

A large portion of the students and parents I met over the three days I helped out with had accepted a place in one form or another, and wanted to see the campus and accommodation. So, myself and a group of other ambassadors ran some campus tours throughout the day, answering questions and trying to make the idea of coming to university a lot less daunting! Needless to say I love Aston so showing people round was, as always, a pleasure. The weather for most of it was pleasant (and by that I mean that it wasn’t raining!), which was always good as even though we are a small campus, if it’s raining on a campus tour you’re going to get soaked…


     Revising for Exams 🙁 

Revision materials

One thing that is completely new to me is having to revise through the summer break… Unfortunately for me, I was ill during the exam period and I was unable to sit three out of my four exams. I have been given an amazing second chance though by my school of
study to be able to resit them, which I am making every effort to do the best I can in. The weird thing to get used to is that I’m revising right now… during summer!

It feels very peculiar sitting at the desk in my room surrounded by all my lecture notes, lab sheets and laptop when the sun is shining outside (well, it should be!).

I’ve whittled down and reworded my original lecture notes, going over everything that I possibly can. But, in less than two weeks my exams will be over, and just less than a month away I’ll be moving back to Birmingham to my new flat! I just have to keep my head down for a couple more weeks, and not procrastinate…


My advice to anyone who is now looking forward to university: take a well earned break over August! Obviously don’t not prepare yourself for university, otherwise you’ll find yourself on your first day in halls (if you’re living there) without a plate to eat your dinner off of, or only one shoe, or something along those lines! Don’t worry yourself right away, and take some time to recover from the emotion and stress! Then, once you’re all chilled out and looking forward to starting your uni life, you can worry about organising yourself and making sure you’ve got all paired socks, 500 pads of paper, a pastry brush (seriously… WHAT STUDENT USES A PASTRY BRUSH?!), a washing basket, your favourite jumper… you get the idea. Write a list – lists are the best!

Have a lovely summer (what’s left of it)!


Hi there!

My name is Chloe, and I’m now a second year Computer Science student at Aston University. Welcome to my blog! Hopefully I’ll be able to share some of the exciting things that I will be getting up to this year, as well as an insight into university life, what it’s like to be a student, and other things could be thrown in the mix as well!


So that’s it for the moment, but I’ll post soon. Thanks for visiting! 🙂