Bit of Motivation

Okay, so I haven’t posted in absolutely ages. But that is because a number of things have happened recently:


* Got a placement sorted

* Coursework

* Exams

* Three weeks of just… recovering

* Starting placement


I have a lot to write about this year and I will definitely get round to it soon!


The main thing I have to say right this moment is…

Never Give Up!


Things get tougher as university goes on – as do A-Levels/BTECs, and GCSEs – you just always have to keep in mind why you’re doing it, the end goal, and ultimately that you can do it!

It’s easy to forget how capable you are when it feels like your work is 12 foot high above your head, and pressure is creeping in from all sides. Just remind yourself that there will be an end to it soon. A few more hours/weeks/months and that part will be over and you can move on to the next, even more exciting stage in your academic/professional life!


Second year has been a real struggle for me personally, but one of the things that kept me going was telling myself that no matter what, in 3 months, 2 weeks or 4 hours time, I will be past that exam, piece of coursework, or the end of second year itself. Reminding myself that a stressful period in my life would actually come to a close in a finite amount of time was actually kind of reassuring and helped me to focus a bit more on the tasks at hand.


Another thing is – take time for yourself! Summer is now upon us, and now is your chance to catch up on some well-earned rest, relaxation, and time to do things you may have side-lined throughout the year because of your studies. Remember – you deserve it!


It’s been a relatively short one today, but I do hope to post more in the future 🙂


Have a good summer!